Administrative Projects: Equestrian Connection seeks responsible, organized individuals that can lead or assist with office projects.

Birthday Parties: Help with birthdays parties by assisting in game facilitation, grooming horses, sidewalking horses, leading horses, trail walks, art projects, and general birthday party set up.

Boy Scout Projects: Help the Equestrian Connection community through your Eagle Scout project. Complete your Eagle Scout project by fundraising, construction, or administrative projects. Do you have an idea how your Boy Scout project can help Equestrian Connection? Let Equestrian Connection know!

Construction Projects: Equestrian Connection is looking for those who are handy with tools to complete construction projects and general maintenance around the Equestrian Connection facility. Recently Equestrian Connection volunteers have built new outdoor stalls. Future plans include building a new gazebo by the lake. ​

Corporate Groups and Organizations: Equestrian Connection is seeking corporate groups and organizations wishing to participate in our programs and events.

Events and Fundraising: Equestrian Connection is always looking for volunteers interested in helping with events and fundraising. ​

Grooming: Assist in the daily maintenance and care of the horses through brushing and hoof picking. 

Group Programs: Help with group programs at Equestrian Connection by assisting in game facilitation, grooming horses, sidewalking horses, leading horses, trail walks, and art projects.

Horse Leading: Upon completion of three months of sidewalking, select individuals will be trained to lead horses in therapy sessions.    

Sidewalking: Responsibilities include assisting the instructor or therapist with the rider to help insure their safety, helping the rider follow the directions of the instructor or therapist, and helping to ensure rider, horse and volunteer safety before, during, and after class.  

Tacking: Help with tacking the horses.

Volunteer Options
Interested in volunteering?? 
If you are interested in volunteering, please email to reserve a spot in one of our training classes! ​

​If you are interested in learning to lead or groom/ tack our horses please email Robin Warren at
*SCHEDULE OFTEN CHANGES. Classes are cancelled if no one signs up by the end of the prior day.*