In 2005, our Board of Directors broadened our vision to add art therapy, massage therapy and equine assisted psychotherapy. Thanks to the support of our donors and the community, we built a state of the art 26,000 square foot therapy barn that included therapy rooms and comfortable viewing room. In addition, our facility includes an outdoor arena and multiple trails. With the staggering growth of autism rates and the ability to individualize treatment, EC has quickly grown to become one of the largest equine therapy centers in the nation. 

Jan, our massage therapist, with her trained therapy dog Sonny 

Our History

Art therapy helps with communication and self expression!  It also makes people happy!

Equestrian Connection was cofounded in 2001 by Diana Schnell, a mother of disabled twins, who saw the difference hippotherapy made for her twins while witnessing the benefits of equine therapy for many other special needs as well. With an initial focus on hippotherapy and therapeutic riding, Equestrian Connection has grown over the years to expand its program offerings to fill the unmet voids created by Health and Human Services cuts in spending.
 Equestrian Connection continues to add programs that address the service gaps for those with special needs and their families. We collaborate with over 90 special needs organizations to serve those who need us! Together we are making a difference!

Embracing The Community and Creating Change